Please join us for the 2014 Benefit

Cornerstone Academy is a small Christian high school that provides students with a personalized, comprehensive, and leads toward a diploma, a Christian moral code, and tools for self-sufficiency.

Cornerstone Academy provides students with a family-like environment conducive to learning, offering highly individualized instruction and counselling. Our small size and student-to-faculty ratio permit us to give more focused attention to each of our students and their needs.

We’re a State of Illinois Recognized School and accredited by both The Council on Educational Standards and Accountability and The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


Finishing: A Senior Year Haunted By The Past

Wesley’s senior year takes an unexpected turn the night Detective King arrives at his door. He is led into the murky world his brother attempted to navigate, and he soon finds himself determined to finish what his brother started.

All proceeds from this book benefit the mission of Cornerstone Academy. To purchase, click here.

Finishing: A Senior Year Haunted By The Past - book cover